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Yangzhou enterprise Canton fair trading 2013 in 174 million





Yangzhou enterprise Canton fair trading $2013 in 174 million 

Release date: 2013-05-06 information sources: yangzhou journal 


On May 5th, the 113th China import and export commodities fair closed in guangzhou (commonly known as "Canton fair"). The "Canton fair" on, zhuhai exhibitors, 179 companies with brand and innovative products for the biggest "single point", clinch a deal of $174 million, up 3% over the previous. 

It is understood that the fair number of merchants and turnover was compared with the previous restorative growth was observed in all, 202766 people attended overseas buyers, from 211 countries and regions, than the 112th Canton fair "held in October last year growth of 7.06%, the total export volume of $35.54 billion, up 8.8% over the 112th. 

City business bureau relevant personage introduces the conditions of the exhibition yesterday. The "Canton fair" the city has 179 companies, including eight new exhibition enterprises. Exhibitors clinch a deal amount of $174 million, up 3% over the previous. Phase one: a deal of $83 million, up 2% than the same period last year; Phase ii clinch a deal of $60.5 million, than the same period last year growth of 2.5%; The third phase of clinch a deal of $31 million, up 1% over the same than the last. 

According to exhibitors, during the period of "Canton fair" merchants growth at 5%, more than originally expected. But merchants obvious structural differentiation, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and South Korea businessman number changed little, Russia, Latin America, Africa and other emerging market customers continue to maintain rapid growth, but still no obvious rebound as the purchase of customers in Europe and America, showing in the backdrop of the international demand stabilises, foreign trade growth remained variables. 

And in terms of turnover, relevant personage says city business bureau, the city business clinch a deal amount slightly increased by 3%, compared with the previous period reflects the foreign trade situation is still serious. In external and raw materials, rising labor costs and so on and the impact of exchange rate, profit margins are compressed further. Traditional product basic is to maintain the original price level, only a fraction of the price of the new technology, new product are improved, some enterprises in order to retain customers, adjust the psychological expectations, even PingLi sign the bill. Sign the bill still show short order is more, less long single big; The situation of inquiry negotiate more, less actual order. 

Brand enterprise with innovative products become the largest of the "Canton fair" yangzhou enterprise "single window". According to exhibitors, merchants lift force to the our city group, jin feida electric tools, bao sheng, hubao and Asia hat industry enterprise's brand product acceptance, price advantage obviously, clinch a deal the intention is good. 

Innovative products for young companies at the same time of gain attention, got the high order. Some enterprises to strengthen independent innovation, every time exhibitors have new style, good quality new products, such as jiangsu three smile group with advanced physical sharpen technology toothbrushes occupied the international high-end market, MAO's foreign favor; Yangzhou glass handicraft co., LTD., pay attention to new product development, all China fair every time to keep more than 80% of the rate of new product updates, to ensure that the enterprise long-term stand in the forefront of the international market; Asia continuously introduce the hat industry following the fashion trends of all kinds of hats, attracted numerous merchants. 



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