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Artificial leather, synthetic leather, is developing rapidly, the market increasingly widened





Artificial leather, synthetic leather, is developing rapidly, the market increasingly widened 
Today, variety of design and color of leather products in daily life can be seen everywhere, such as interior decoration, sofa fabric, automobile interior trim, clothing, shoes and bags, etc., a large share of these leather products dominated by artificial leather, synthetic leather, rather than natural leather. 
Artificial leather, synthetic leather, is an important part of the plastics industry, widely used in various industries of national economy. Artificial leather, synthetic leather production in the world for more than 60 years development history of China since 1958 to develop production of artificial leather, it's in the plastics industry in China is the development of early industry. In recent years, the development of China's artificial leather and synthetic leather industry is not only a production enterprise equipment production lines, product yield and the growth of several years of growth, breed of design and color increased year after year, and in the development of industry has its industry organization, there are considerable cohesion, which could put China's artificial leather and synthetic leather enterprises, including relevant industry organization together, developed into a considerable strength of the industry. 
After PVC artificial leather, pu synthetic leather by experts for more than 30 years of concentrated research and development of science and technology, as an ideal substitute of natural leather, obtained the breakthrough technology progress. Pu coating on fabric surface first appeared on the market in the 1950 s, in 1964, the United States dupont developed a is used as the upper pu synthetic leather. Japanese companies to establish a set of annual output of 600000 square meters of production line, after more than 20 years of research and development, pu synthetic leather no matter in product quality, variety, or got a quick increase in production. Its performance is more and more close to natural leather, even some performance than natural leather, with natural leather, the extent of the true and false difficult points in human's daily life occupy very important position. 
Today, Japan is the largest producer of synthetic leather, coke, toray, teijin, kanebo products of several companies basically represent the international development level in the 1990 s. The fiber and nonwoven manufacture towards ultra refined, high density and high effect of non-woven direction; The pu manufacturing to develop in the direction of pu water dispersion, pu emulsion, broader product application fields, from the start of the shoes in the field to clothing, bags, ball games, decorative, and other special applications, throughout all aspects of People's Daily life. 
Artificial leather, synthetic leather, a challenge to natural leather 
Natural leather because it has excellent natural features has been widely used in the production of daily necessities and industrial products, but as the world's population growth, human demand for leather, a limited number of natural leather already cannot satisfy people the demand. To solve this contradiction, research and development scientists began decades ago artificial leather, synthetic leather, in order to make up for the inadequacy of natural leather. 
More than 50 years of studying historical process is the process of artificial leather, synthetic leather, natural leather to challenge. Scientists from analyzing the chemical composition and structure of natural leather, from nitrocellulose linoleum in hand, into the PVC artificial leather, this is the first generation of artificial leather products. On the basis of this, scientists made many improvements and exploration, the first is base material improvements, followed by coating resin modified and improved. Appeared in the 1970 s, synthetic fiber non-woven needle into network, bond into network technology, such as the base material with lotus root cross section, the hollow fibrous, reached a porous structure, and conform to the requirements of the network structure of natural leather. At the time of pu synthetic leather surface have been able to do micro hole structure layer, the equivalent of natural leather grain, so that the appearance and internal structure of pu synthetic leather and natural leather gradually close, other indexes of physical properties are close to the natural leather, and the bright color more than natural leather. The normal folding reached more than 1 million times, folding also at low temperature can reach the level of natural leather. 
The emergence of pu superfine fiber synthetic leather is the third generation of artificial leather. The three-dimensional network of nonwovens for synthetic leather in base material created to catch up with the condition of natural leather. The product combined with newly developed with opening structure of the pu slurry impregnation, the processing technology of compound layer, played a microfiber huge surface area and strong water imbibition, made the superfine grade pu synthetic leather has a bunch of super fine collagen fiber moisture absorption characteristics of inherent natural leather, so no matter from the internal microstructure, or appearance texture and physical properties and people wearing comfort, etc., can be comparable to those for senior natural leather. In addition, in the chemical resistance superfine fiber synthetic leather, quality homogeneity, mass production and processing adaptability and waterproof, mildew resistant and so on more than the natural leather. 
According to the analysis of market at home and abroad leather also has a large number of replacing the insufficient resources of natural leather. Using artificial leather and synthetic leather bags, clothing, shoes, cars and furniture decoration, has been increasingly get the affirmation of the market, the extent of its application, the great number of them, varieties, is a traditional natural leather can't meet. 


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