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How to judge the Chinese market of automotive leather fashion trend?

The Chinese market once they don't value for car decorative leather, but now car decorative leather get more and more attention. Both cart or trolley, consumers want to see fashion exquisite interiors. And people's demand for personalized also hasten is obvious. The trend of the concrete has the following several aspects. 
Interior color - in the Asian market in the process of interior color preference degree, we found that as the light color fastens the preference of car appearance, especially the Chinese market preference for white appearance, interior, tend to be light. Interior light color and secondary color in luxury car market segment. Car upholstery leather on the basis of the characteristics of its wear resistance and easy cleaning and be the first choice of the light color fastens interior. We designed the antifouling and clean painting process to achieve efficient anti-fouling leather. 
Ride in the back seat of the - China's luxury car market more attention to the details of the rear seat and materials. Most of the luxury car buyers to ride in the back seat in the majority of time, so the luxury configuration have higher demands for car, such as: more spacious legroom, higher comfort level, and cooled seats, high-definition television, and a full set of car upholstery leather interior, etc. 
Seat - to keep the car clean and tidy, with the practice of cloth seat cover in the seat is very common in China. With the popularity of Chinese auto decoration leather interior, users will feel the advantage of leather seats, especially the characteristics of wear resistance and easy cleaning. 
Personalization, the hope is that their car will show the personal style, taste and temperament. They hope to design bag, car interior also high-tech watches, ipod and mobile phones as both "design" and functional. Consumers want to buy a personalized design and exquisite craft, the texture of leather furniture, deserve to go up specially designed tonal and punch design, beautiful novel sutures, and the seat feel comfortable and warm in winter and cool in summer. China's young generation is the pursuit of personality and promoting fashion, automotive decorative leather will develop in the direction of the personalized. DIY type of personalized solutions is also one of our long term goals. 


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